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Content Production Producer


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Content Production Producer

Content Production Producer

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We are currently looking for a Content Production Producer for our Calgary Content Solutions team.

When your actions lead to success.

  • All shoots for account, organizing details and requirements, and staying on budget. The producer will also ensure that all production requirements meet or exceed client expectations.
  • Communicate with photographers, Dps, stylists, hair and make-up artists, photo assistants, studio manager, client service representatives, merchandise controllers and other content producers on a daily basis to communicate deliverables and progress;
  • Work directly with client and internal team members involving art direction, merchandise information, scheduling and layouts;
  • Lead production teams and achieve client-approved content;
  • Manage client requirements: obtaining permits, model and property release forms, insurance, model negotiations and freelance negotiations;
  • Supervise, manage and deligate to team members related to client projects.
  • Lead and present all pre production presentations to the client and internal stakeholders.
  • Transform artistic requirements of the client into a fulfilled content;
  • Create a budget for personnel, resources and other requirements based on revenue;
  • Commission location scouting, propping, set building for budgets;
  • Choose required personnel who meet the criteria and budget of the project;
    • Interface with internal team members on the account for Production, art direction, and merchandise information.
    • Responsible for implementing cost-savings for (both Transcontinental & the client)
    • Work closely with Team and management, to continually identify and recommend production workflow process improvement.
    • Aid in the development and documentation of a common understanding of account-specific objectives, processes, and procedures.
    • Attend and participate in all department, company meetings and Pre-Pro Meetings to fully understand new project creative direction or company health and safety initiatives
When your expertise drives us.
  • University or college degree in Digital/Photography/Video or related field;
  • 8+ years experience in Digital/Photography/Video content production;
  • Expert understanding of Digital, Video and Photography production to maximize the quality and proficiency of the production team;
  • Proficient with Mac OS;
  • Understanding of post-production process to maximize the quality and proficiency of production (i.e. the use of mask shots and the benefits of shooting them);
  • Additional software knowledge of iview, Microsoft Office, Filemaker, and Adobe Creative Suite is an asset;

When our benefits transform your daily life.

  • Telecommuting in hybrid mode (onsite as required)
  • Participatory management

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